Our Services

Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers


- Supply and Installation

- In-house chemical cleaning, re-gasketing & hydro testing

- On-site cleaning

-New Gaskets and plates

-Quality control & inspection

- Re-gasketing

- Hydro testing

- Plate pack replacement

- Dye penetrate testing

- Efficiency trending

- Predictive maintenance monitoring

Shell & Tube Exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchanger

- Supply and Installation

- Chemical cleaning

- Clean-in-place (CIP)

- Replacement of complete shell & tube exchanger units

- Heat exchanger repair

- Hydro testing

- Epoxy coating

- Leak repair

- Bundle pulling

Brazed Plate Packs

Brazed plate pack

- Supply and installation

- Clean-in-place (CIP)

- Scheduled cleaning program

Other Services


Chemical cleaning and full maintenance  of:

- Compressor systems

- Glycol systems

- Hot oil systems

- Hydraulic systems

- Cooling towers

- Chillers and condensors

- Air chillers

- Boilers

Motor and pump rebuilding and overhaul

Western Canada distributor of Gotar chemical products.

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